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Naz and Elvis have a long-standing family history of owning childcare Centres.

Both Science graduates from the University of Sydney, they realised very early on how important it is to develop and foster the love of learning in each and every child.

Proud parents, they have recently been following with interest how their own children are transitioning from preschool to school.

Children are natural inquirers and understanding their dispositions is a great way to give them the support they need to kick-start their lifelong learning journey.

The focus on dispositions is to encourage children to acquire the skills to know HOW to learn rather than a simple transmission of particular bodies of knowledge. The benefit of this approach is that the acquired skills are transferable and give children the confidence and capacity to use these skills in every aspect of life from childhood right through to adulthood. 

Dispositions can be described as learning inclinations, sensitivities to occasion, skills and patterns of learning – these are things like persistence, questioning,taking responsibility and cooperating. 

Dispositions put the child at the centre of all learning.

The teachers at BeforeSix are working with dispositional framework to analyse, describe and plan for the learning they see.

Activities are purely seen as a vehicle for the acquisition of dispositions to learn. For example… 5 children may be playing with blocks but the dispositions are varied and multi layered. The teacher may be working on colours with one child and the disposition of sharing with another child, whilst the third and fourth child are building relationships, and the fifth child is working on their perseverance.

Centre Philosophy

At BeforeSix Early Education Child Centre, we acknowledge the importance of collaboration between Parents, Whānau, Staff, Children, and the wider community.

We create an environment of inclusiveness, respect, and reciprocation, respecting each member of our community’s contribution. 

We value our Tamariki and their Whānau individual aspirations, and ensure they become an integral part of our care and education. We advocate for the rights of each Child, and ensure that they are given equal opportunities to direct their own learning.

We strive to provide a safe, nurturing and emotionally secure environment, where teachers are sensitive to the needs of each Child and their Whānau. We also continually develop an environment rich in learning opportunities, based on sensitive observation of emerging interests and ideas of Tamariki, providing them plentiful opportunities to be leaders of their own learning.

We value open communication with Parents and Whānau, recognising the importance of connecting home life with Centre life in the ongoing learning and development of the young Child. We respect the values of each Whānau, and celebrate their uniqueness.

We acknowledge this age as a critical time of holistic development in each Child’s life, and recognise, respect and value the many differing influences and knowledge each Child will come to us with.

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